World Strategy Week

JOIN US in our five webinars. MAY 16 - 20, 2016

Learn about five megaforces that are changing global and local economies, and how to factor these into your strategies and organizations.

Word Strategy Week: SHIFT strategy in a changing world

May 16 - 20, 2016

Learn about the 5 megaforces that are changing and challenging global economics

World Strategy Week is the premier annual gathering of the global strategy community, providing the best thinking, information and inspiration to organizations use strategic leadership, thinking, planning and action to attain transformational results. It is being produced by the Association for Strategic Planning for the second year.

World Strategy is a week-long webinar series focusing on Innovation, Sustainability, Collaboration, People and Big Data. Invest your time in this webinar series for you and your organization and experience hearing from thought leaders who study these megaforces and apply strategies to transform organizations.

Each day in the week there will be a 2 hour webinar with a panel of thought leaders of organizations on the results of their research and what they are doing for their organizations.

We have panelists who worked with the U.K. Prime Minister, the U.S. White House, and the world’s top universities. We have panelists who have written best-selling books, published articles in the world’s most popular newspapers and magazines. And, we have panelists who have made incredible contributions in the workplace!

Regular Pricing: ASP Member $99, Non-Member $119

We know you may not be able to attend each day but we will be recording the webinars and you will get all the webinar recordings to watch at a time convenient for you.


All Access Pass for 5 Webinars

Includes: Innovation as Strategy, Sustainability as Strategy, Collaboration as Strategy, Sharing as Strategy and Data as Strategy.

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How can leaders position organizations to capitalize on and succeed in the paradigm change that innovation is fueling?

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What does this holistic view of sustainability mean for strategists in both traditional and new organizations?

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How should collaboration figure into strategy formulation and execution: How and with whom should organizations collaborate for greater success?

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How can leaders best engage and tap into the insights and passions of their people as they to develop and implement new winning strategies?

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What is Big Data’s potential and how can strategies harness this potential to transform the organization?

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